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 Podcast Training


We produce #Kidtalkradio for global distribution in a safe and creative environment. Our kids grow to become informed and independent in this community. They develop confidence with superior communication and advanced organization skills.


Creative, Open, Diverse, Confident, Involved, Informed, Empowered

Seven words that express the expectations of the Kidstar Program.  The goal of the Junior Broadcaster program is to lay the foundation for a strong media/social media presence.

Expectations and Goals

Students will begin developing their individual “voice” in the connected community.  The Voice includes but is not limited to their ability to create, organize and present content.

Required Course Materials

· A quiet environment to work in.

· An internet connected computer with at minimum a USB headset/microphone*.

· Free software: Audacity, Skype, Web-Cast software.


Operational Platform

Students will access our cloud based radio automation system.

Required Platform

Internal communications will be through a Google account and platform.  Students will use Google Doc’s, Calendar, Classroom.

Podcast Syllabus

syllabus for podcast.jpg
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