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Young Minds At Work

We have been placing teens in a category of not knowing or understanding what is going on around them in our society.


I have been working with a lot of teens in the past few months and they are aware of a lot of the issues that influence their lives, their friends and family.

What we want to do, and we are going to do is give them a chance to speak out. We are creating a Magazine, Podcast, Documentaries and Website that will give them a Voice.

This Project is Generation Us. All parts of the project will be for Teens by Teens. The Teens will write the articles, decide what articles they want to write, design and format all four areas of presentation, market and advertise. All aspects of the areas will have a teen at the helm.

As advisors we will be in the background working with them, but the finished product will be theirs.

We are asking for Teens and Adults (as advisors) that want to be a part of the movement please contact me at

Young Writers Foundation – Generation Us Project

The Generation Us Project will be produced as a part of Young Writers Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, whose mission is to address, educate, coordinate, and provide students with Writing Coaches, Mentors and information to expand their writing abilities and gain insight on any future career goals. The Young Writers Foundation was created to support 12 to 19-year-old students.  

This is a learning experience for the students. Advisors and mentors, in all aspects of developing, creating and sustaining the project, will be present through its creation, presentation and distribution. 

The Generation Us project will be four parts: Magazine (hard copy and digital), Documentaries, Podcast Presentations, Website design.

Magazine: The Editor in Chief which will be one of the Advisors. The rest of the titles involved in the production will be made up of students. The magazine will be distributed to the public, students, and teachers. It will be available on the magazine’s website. This will be linked to The magazine will be presented quarterly.  


Website creation and design: Students will create and maintain the website. The subjects will vary and be determined by the students. Example of website contents: Community (Events), School information, Resources for students, Etc.  


Podcast Presentation: Podcast format and structure will be supervised by KidStar Internet Radio. The students will learn to broadcast, interview and promote products. The topics discussed, and interviews will be driven by the students. 


Documentaries: Students will drive each of the events that are documented. They will create a list of opportunities they want to document, and the subjects covered will be their direction.  

The photography, illustrations and graphics will be created by the students. The marketing, branding, advertising and all aspects of the introduction of the projects to the public will be by students supported by an advisory group.

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