List Of Courses

1. Understanding Community Resources


Objective: This module introduces local, State, Federal, Non-Profit and other organizations that offer resources and documents that are pertinent for transitions into workforce and adulthood. Each participant is provided with a Maricopa County Teen Resource Guide. Students will be emailed current flyers from partner organizations for personal records. Facilitators will email links of all types throughout the program related to support through covid-19.

2. First Impressions

Objective: Students will understand their learning style, personality, skill sets, professionalism and personal brand. Students will also write a 50-word paragraph, describing who they are in as few words as possible (“Your Elevator Speech”). Complete understanding on how to articulate themselves as unique individuals to their future schools and employers.

No Guest Speaker 


3. S.M.A.R.T Aspirations

Objective: Students will understand how to create S.M.A.R.T goals and how to study more effectively to improve their grades throughout core subjects and discovering personal motivation techniques including time management. Goal setting workbook will be provided to all participants to further explore and set S.M.A.R.T goals for personal interests and values outside of career.

Guest Speaker.  TBD


4. Etiquette 101

Objective: Students will understand the basics of social, personal and professional etiquette & understanding of all Social Networking ramifications and having a positive image.

ISO: ONLINE ETIQUETTE COACH Gentlemen will need a tie. Students and Facilitator will be asked for dress professionally and sit at dinner table at home if able with proper utensils. If student needs a FREE at home haircut, please advise.

Brother Carlos Lozano- Hair Cuts

5. Get Ya Mind Right!, Get Your Life Right!

Objective: Students will learn the importance of how mental,physical and emotional health can affect their lives for years to come during covid -19 Students will also understand the importance of keeping a clean criminal history including driving record and the importance of safe relationships.

6. Financial Education and Paying for College

Objective: Students will understand basic banking practices, basics of post-secondary loans, interest rates, DACA,FAFSA related funding .Students will learn various loan options, etc. from bank/credit union. Students will also practice project their intended loan amount for post-secondary school and calculate. IDA’s ( A New Leaf) representative. Mountain America Credit Union.


7. Making Decisions for the Real World

Objective: Students will learn to evaluate their decisions and make critical choices about their futures. Students will also learn to resolve conflicts in school and the workplace and be introduced how to think critically.

No Guest Speaker. 

8. Navigating Personal Relationships

Objective: Students will understand how to identify their personal goals and values. This will allow them to not be deterred by anyone on their pathway to success.

9. Diversity & Inclusion

Objective: Students will learn the basics of how HR Departments function and legal documents required to attain employment. Students will gain a better and understanding of cultural and linguistic diversity in the workplace and ethics. Mock Interviews students should be dressed professionally. 

10. Resume & Scholarship Letter Writing. (Personal Development Portfolio)

Objective: Students will learn the art of cover letter personal branding and resume writing. Participants are provided a resume writing and scholarship writing workbook.


11. Auditing 101 Financial Education

Objective: Students will understand the basics of monthly budgeting for their personal lives after post-secondary school. Students will participate in a simulation experience.


Introduction to all required and non-required online professional development opportunities.


Online Professional Development Opportunities:


  1. Registration complete into Post-Secondary Institutions

  2. Employment

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